I know that it cured mine

mrgoodcat1990 Aug 3, 2020

There are side effects if you don't know what your doing , are irresponsible and have underlying health conditions , it's down to your own genetic makeup how you respond , but put this way , in the us there are millions of men on trt , I know in the UK it's not so common if not rare, but testosterone can be taken safely and responsibly . Of course I am not kidding myself , there are of course risks , and you myt even reduce your life span , by how many years no one knows , It's too broad a question, again it comes down to your genetic makeup, your health , your lifestyle , and how responsible , irresponsible and educated you are. Since I started I have had no side effects , beside what you would expect ,spikes of estrogen at the beginning , which is controlled very easily , no hair loss( which is genetic ) no acne , none . Now what's going on inside is a different story which is why you get blood work . I am in good health , my blood work is good , my heart is healthy etc etc , For the purposes of pssd , I know that it cured mine , And in regards to do you become dependant , no not in the way you would expect, testosterone is not addictive , you do not crave it like a drug, but testosterone is a hormone that your body needs to function so of course if your testosterone is low you will see how your body functions begin to decline . if you where to ask me can you take testosterone to potentially resolve pssd and then discontinue will your pssd still be resolved , I cannot say because I have not discontinued, So if anyone is thinking about that as a potential option , do your research before even considering it, because I cannot give you that answer nor can I say what will definitely work for you, all I know is what has worked for me and I stand by my decision