I was one of the lucky guys who recovered

unlivedbread Aug 26, 2020

I'm currently in a group of over 100 people who've had their lives ruined by fin. Don't fucking risk it, just don't. I tried topical 5-ar inhibitors and I literally didn't feel any sort of horniness for 6 months (could still get it up but no desire). The issue also isn't as simple as "boost DHT" and "boost test". Many PFS (post-finasteride syndrome) folks try this to no avail. Many of them have perfectly fine levels of T,DHT and E2. The problem most likely comes down to three things. 5-ar becoming methylated and not returning to functioning levels in the CNS, the long term impact of the anti-gabaergic action of fin, and the progestational action of fin. ‚Äč I was one of the lucky guys who recovered from Test injections and abstinence from 5-ar inhibiting substances/foods (I acquired a pretty bad intolerance to quite a few foods for a while) . I can go into more detail for ya, just please for the love of god don't take that poison
kievaughn Aug 26, 2020

what foods are 5ar inhibitors??
unlivedbread Aug 26, 2020

MCT oil and soya laden foods are the biggest offenders. Ate half a head of organic garlic after a bout of HIIT and had a bad reaction. If I ate MCT oil I would get temporary ED, thats how bad it was. All these foods don't bother me now however, I just had such low levels of DHT because my 5ar enzyme was dysfunctional that anything that blocked conversion would absolutely kill my levels. Now I just take proviron or masteron and I feel great for the most part, although libido is up and down, probably due to some damage to my dopaminergic system