my sex drive was fully functionally restored

smallballsbigmuscles Aug 30, 2020

FWIW google Post Accutane Syndrome , it’s basically the exact same as PFS because they have similar actions on the 5ar enzyme. I took high dose Accutane at 16 and it completely castrated my sex drive and erection ability. Went my senior year in high school not able to fuck my gf, like you could have two models offering me a threesome and I couldn’t even feel a sexual urge it completely eliminated that factor from my brain it felt. Three years later the problem persisted and really was destroying my mental health in college so that’s when I started to blast gear, 6 months later and my sex drive was fully functionally restored and now it’s the complete opposite of that state where I think about sex so much it interferes with my job lol. I truly feel for those PFS guys because most can’t understand how devastating it is to lose that ability and especially how they get convinced their stuck permanently. If I was PFS I wouldn’t hesitate to hop on gear and blast androgens
1337WhizzKid Aug 30, 2020

I’ve read that study on accutane and 5ar too, I can also somewhat say I experienced the same when I used it at 17 for a few months but not to the same extent. Looking back it definitely made me more socially reclusive for a while and I had mild depression whilst using it too. Libido was unaffected but for almost a solid year I would shy away from any sexual contact with a girl as I’d get socially anxious whereas it hadn’t been an issue before and luckily resolved itself not long after, my first test cycle really ‘brought me back’ so to speak. I’ve found more research recently that says increasing DHT seems to upregulate 5ar again, I’m not sure if most DHT analogues would do this as they don’t seem to impact serum DHT but I know anadrol raises DHT through its methyl-DHT metabolite and so does increasing test of course. I do wonder if this is why I felt much better mentally after my first cycle, even though I had used accutane whilst on it again and the positive effects remained after coming down to a cruise dose thankfully. I wish DHT cream was still easily available and Stanolone wasn’t such a pain in the ass to find and brew. I’ve also heard of PFS guys having a lot of success using proviron, even after stopping it’s use. The same goes for allopreganolone as PFS seems to manifest itself in massive neurosteroid imbalances.