Testosterone Gel obliterated most of the PSSD

Tight_Fill1704 Feb 2, 2021

This is anecdotal but, acceptance was a game changer for me. I went through the grief and anger phase, but I was getting nowhere. I knew I had depression and still needed treatment. I accepted and let go. Instead of projecting that I would Always be like this, I decided I would take it one day at a time. I tried other non-SSRI meds. Then Wellbutrin + Modafinil + Testosterone Gel obliterated most of the PSSD and Anhedonia. Libido came back too (85% improvement). Some sensation returned too. I lasted longer in bed... before my depression and meds I was Quick Draw McGraw... 30 seconds and POW! Now I last a lot longer. Quitting porn helped tons. Get out of the forums as you’ll be stuck in the negative feedback loop from hell. It gets better. Also in overcoming the Anhedonia I just started doing things I used to enjoy, even though they were not fun at all. I still kept doing them, without beating myself up that I didn’t enjoy them. I stopped looking for the pleasure and kept my mind open (get rid of self fulfilling prophecy)... Very gradually the Anhedonia lifted. One day I was driving in my car an music sounded good again. Exercise helped too. The big breakthrough with the Anhedonia was when I switched to Advocare’s nutrition plan. Sleep went from 4 hours back to a solid 8 hours, after the cleanse phase. Don’t loose hope. Also check out the book “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck”. It helped me a lot. There is a light, it’s just around the corner. You just don’t see it yet. Keep the faith!
greenjoe04 Mar 1, 2021

Do you still take modafinil
Tight_Fill1704 Mar 1, 2021

No. But It gave me a boost for a while. Also staying off the online forums was my first step to healing.
watermelonsuga2 Feb 5, 2021

Hey, thank you for replying to the post. It's great to hear that you're doing well. I'm really curious about trying testosterone, but have been warned against it. How are you finding it?
Tight_Fill1704 Feb 5, 2021

Gives energy and boosted libido