pcted .... no more pssd👍

u/[deleted] Mar 15, 2021

My natural test levels were 1100 always had a high sex drive took an ssri for 3 weeks 👌👈☠. I was on basic test e for about 6 months...... a lot longer than was really needed. Came off 6 months ago pcted .... no more pssd👍
t0sspin Mar 15, 2021

Nice man! What dose? Did you use AI? What was your PCT like? How long did you have issues for before you started your cycle? Sorry for all the questions
u/[deleted] Mar 15, 2021

Any beginner cycle is around 250-500 it's compound dependent anywhere online will tell you a beginner cycle is 250-500mg of test trt is around 100mg with longer days split . I never tried trt dose.... trt dose may be all that you need and subsequently lower potential side effects. I only took ai beginning of cycle when I increased or lowered dose or missed a pin for whatever reason.... and when I came off cycle. no issues with pct recovered after about 3-5months