I managed to recover, i think you will too.

bundfalke Mar 15, 2021

Great post. Good attitude, good cycle/protocol. I had a case of PFS that was a severe as it gets. Im talking about the physical inability to have erections and sex drive. Imagine having the dick of a toddler. That was me. I managed to recover, i think you will too. In case erection quality is an issue for you, definetely run 50mg of tbol. There is nothing that gives me better erections than tbol does. I do think that your anabolic stack is abit overboard for someone who is trying to fix PSSD. Testosterone (and therefore DHT) is as much AR-agonism as you'll need. Putting ment and mast or whatever on top of that is not going to yield any further benefits in my opinion. That being said given the strength of the cycle you might aswell get swole in the meantime.
t0sspin Mar 15, 2021

Thanks a lot man, and super stoked that you managed to pull yourself out of the hell that is PFS. What did you do to recover? Glad to hear that Tbol helps in that regard, maybe I'll up the tbol dose at some point. The reason I am looking at Ment is that it is a progesterone receptor agonist and I am hoping to mimic some of the benefits people have claimed to have gotten from tren, without running tren. Make sense? The reason for the Primo would be to help control estrogen sides but Im still exploring everything. Appreciate the input!
bundfalke Mar 15, 2021

Nothing special actually. I just decided to get back on gear after a year off + dutasteride during that time. Ran 250mg for 2 months to get my size back and when my dick was still dead after 2 months, its when i realized i have a big fat problem. So increased the dosages anywhere from 500mg to 1000mg, bhought meme (or not) supplements recommended by the PFS community. With the high amount of DHT in my body, sex drive came back here and there. Cardio everyday, forcing myself to jerk off with a limp noodle whenever i felt a surge of sex drive. The more i jerked off, the more it helped. My dick was so atrophied from not being used for so long i needed to get blood flowing as much as possible. I think it took 6 months before i felt ready to meet a girl again. Around 8 months and i was pretty much recovered. So yeah i didnt do anything specific but the recovery took really long. On a sidenote i've seen a few other people recover the same way. Just bombarding their bodies with strong androgens. It sounds reasonable i guess considering its the opposite of what finasteride/dutasteride does. If i could do it again, i would have blasted tbol and BPC/TB and maybe some EQ. The reason for that is because the sex drive came back much sooner than my erections. Getting the erection quality back was by far the hardest part of my recovery. Anyways your cycle is pretty strong so i would definetely reap the benefits. It doesnt hurt to look like a tik tok fitness twink
u/[deleted] Mar 30, 2021

bundfalke Mar 30, 2021

It was bulgarian tribulus i think. L-Arginine and something else i dont remember. Tbol + EQ + BPC157/TB500 will do more for limp dick than any supplements. Thats on top of getting your hormone levels back obviously. Or injecting lots of test