Post finasteride syndrome

bear111 Feb 1, 2017

Hi Dylan, Just watched your video on Proviron and looking forward to watching all your videos. I am 43 now and been suffering from post finasteride syndrome for past 6 years. It's a condition where your endo crashes after stopping finasteride and your DHT levels are permanently crashed due to finasteride destroying 5ar enzymes ability to convert tes into DHT. After I got PFS my libido died, I stopped liking women, my brain wouldn't work, and my personality changed to a 90 old man. After years of suffering and almost committing suicide, a body builder told me about Proviron. Proviron saved my life. After taking 50mg of Proviron I got my first erection in years. After a few days I starting liking women again and became sexually from frustrated. Even my genitals began to grow normal size again. Now I am helping others who have pfs and sharing this miracle for them too. Sometimes I am late and some commit suicide already. Thank you for your videos, I appreciate your work. If you know anything else that can help us let me know.