Pinned test, boom.

ExoticCard Mar 17, 2021

BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, this is why I started pinning, I felt sexually and cognitively fucked after SSRI's. Pinned test, boom. Test and Mast will do you right. Don't overthink this. Good luck.
dartanianian Apr 8, 2022

Hey man , are you still on testosterone and did it help with Ed and depression?
ExoticCard Apr 8, 2022

Not on anymore, I found Tongkat Ali to be good enough for me. But test did help
brunovhaze Apr 22, 2022

Do you still have PSSD?
ExoticCard Apr 23, 2022

No more problems. I think having the testosterone "jump start" got rid of PSSD. More scientifically, I think I read a bit about SSRI's causing androgen receptor gene methylation (and subsequently silencing of transcription). Upregulation of the androgen receptor with supraphysiological levels of testosterone may reverse the epigenetic changes caused by SSRI's.
thefuckingpineapple Apr 24, 2022

wow, even memory problems? what are cognitive symptoms did you have? can you please post your recovery on r/pssd or r/pssdhealing, you don't know how much it'd mean to us who are suffering from it! You might have seen it already but the methylation is frequent amongst (Post Finasteride Syndrome) as well what SSRI were you on btw? and how long did you have PSSD till you recovered? Are you still on test?
ExoticCard May 1, 2022

No longer on test. I had general brainfog and lack of drive/ambition/vigor. ​ Hop on bro it will help.
brunovhaze Apr 24, 2022

U sire u even had PSSD? Which were your symptoms?
ExoticCard May 1, 2022

I had a lot of brainfog, lack of drive/vigor/ambition
brunovhaze May 1, 2022

No sexual symptoms?
ExoticCard May 3, 2022

Of course I had those, oops forgot to mention. Yea man this shit will help you if you have PSSD. I wonder if the same can be acheived with SARMs.
dartanianian Apr 30, 2022

Could you explain which drugs helped you the most with ssri induced Ed and low libido , together with duration and dosages ? Thanks in advance !
ExoticCard May 1, 2022

Testosterone 500mg a week. Follow the wiki's beginner cycle on this subreddit very carefully because it is nicely written. This will help.
dartanianian May 1, 2022

Thanks man , one last question . How severe was your Ed ( did you have mw and spontaneous erections after you discontinued the ssri ) and how long did it take to recover from Ed ?
ExoticCard May 3, 2022

No spontaneous after SSRI, and hard to maintain. Recovery with test I only assessed after getting off of it, but after recovering from a 15 week Test cycle I was good to go. Just follow the beginner cycle protocol brotha
t0sspin Mar 20, 2021

Thanks for sharing bro! Are you B&C now or PCT? Do you feel pinning is a bandaid or did it "cure" you? What protocol do you think made the biggest difference? Would love to hear any relevant details. It's feedback like this that makes me think I may be on the right track at least
ExoticCard Mar 20, 2021

RN I am on TRT, doing well. Worried to come off to be honest. Test E 500mg a week made the biggest difference. Made some epic gains off of as well. Stay away from any 19 nors, I feel like when I tried Deca it bought me backwards though I looked sickkk. Look into injectable L-Carnitine for AR proliferation as I have read a bit about it but never tried it. If I was in your position I would do Test 500 + a bit of Mast, poke around with injectable L-Carnitine. LIFT hard also during this time period. Bless this subreddit, without them I would be DYEL and depressed, now I'm just DYEL :)
t0sspin Mar 20, 2021

Lmao thanks man, I hope things stick for you if you decide to come off. Take a look into lithium orotate, it’s pretty low risk but its demethylation properties seem to help coupled with test based on the cases I’ve seen. Worth exploring