I have successfully cured PSSD

eatMTRENforbreakfast Apr 18, 2019

I thought I’d post here as I have successfully cured PSSD after taking Effexor. What is really scary is that I took Effexor for only 4-7 weeks and I had full ED for 10 months after that. It’s also strange because I was still horny everyday and wanted to have sex all the time. It’s just that my dick didn’t work. Literally full ED. When I realized I had ed I obviously tried viagra and even 100mg of viagra didn’t help. I was only able to get to like 50% boner which was still not enough to have sex. Then I tried cialis and it still didn’t fully help. After 3 After reading a lot of reports and articles about SSRI and hormones on the internet I decided to go on 50mg proviron ed and 100mg test ew (which I later increased to 150mg as I was getting low e2 symptoms). And during this time I was still taking 20mg cialis ed. And later I added 0,25mg caber e3.5d. I stayed on this stack/hrt for a few months and my dick finally started working one day and since then I’m getting a lot of random boners, I get hard in like a second and have a lot of sex all the time it’s like it never happened. My libido is very high. This also made me a bit scared to run other hormones but especially nandrolone but now I’m 7 weeks on deca and it seems to have no effect on my libido. The only aas that did have a bad effect in my libido was dbol. The first time I tried it I added it to my hrt and it basically made me last forever in bed, and the second time it was with high test I stopped getting random boners throughout a day. I attribute this to e2 and dbol itself as I seem to respond to it very badly. After this experience I’m definety never going on any SSRI ever again. Fortunately my ed was fully cured, but it’s really scary that only a month or two can have such a lasting effect. TL;DR: took Effexor for a few weeks had ED for 10months but fortunately it subsided like it never happened