A Story of hope

NapoleonShishido May 17, 2021

I was on Zoloft for about 9 months. Ranging from 25mg to 100mg. To be honest I don’t remember much from this time. It all was kinda a blur. I was literally a zombie, I wasn’t depressed but I wasn’t really living either. Pssd symptoms upon taper and quitting No libido. I don’t know how to explain it but I had no drive for sex. I could start and get hard but would be totally fine not cumming because I had no drive to. Maybe a little cuz I know it would feel could but none of that savage primal drive I was used to. Genital numbing. Like my dick was numb. In no way was sex or masturbation pleasurable, other then the organism which was always extremely disappointing and extremely hard to get to. Delayed orgasm. I would really need to work at it, especially if it was with someone, it would take time. Anyway upon quitting 7 months ago I did not improve sexually after quitting Zoloft. I still had no libido and genital numbness. It lasted for months, I tried all the libido substances you’ve read about Maca, tongkat ali, etc to no avail. Finally I decided to try this one drug known as proviron which is a dht. It was designed for men with low libido and depression. It does not raise testosterone or effect hormones at dosages lower then 75mg. Anyway a week after taking it at 25mg/day I noticed for the first time in literally over a year I had some sense of a libido and a much more sensitive dick. After a month or so I ran out and as a result stopped. Weird thing i still feel normal again all most as of proviron flicked the switch back on the Zoloft turned off. I’m not sure if it will work for anyone but a month of proviron seemed to get me back to pre ssri levels.
ProfessionalSoggy847 Sep 27, 2021

Did you have any reduction of testicle size or reduced semen volume while you had pssd?
NapoleonShishido Oct 4, 2021

No not enough for me to notice at least
Diapresso1234 May 18, 2021

When your pssd was bad did you still have a bit of romantic/sexual attraction?
NapoleonShishido May 18, 2021

Yes definitely romantic. Started dating and fell in love. That’s what got me so concerned with pssd.
fellow90 May 18, 2021

Did you lose any hair ?
NapoleonShishido May 19, 2021

No but I have no balding in my family. Some people she’d like crazy some don’t. If your predisposed There are many hair supplements you can take to counteract hair loss.
dartanianian May 18, 2021

Man , did u also experience erectile dysfunction after discontinuing Zoloft ?
NapoleonShishido May 18, 2021

No just no libido and numb genitals
CardiologistActual83 May 17, 2021

Did it also cured anhedonia? Congratulations
NapoleonShishido May 18, 2021

Idk I am on another substance that could be causing anhedonia so i can’t give you an answer.