on TRT, I've never had any issues since

LeonardoDiYolio May 21, 2021

I [39M] started TRT (200mg/ml Testosterone Cypionate) in June 2020 to help with correcting some SSRI sexual side effects I had after stopping the SSRIs and have been injecting 0.5ml twice a week ever since. My recent labs came back, and my Testosterone is 1314 and Free Testosterone is 326.8. My doctor doesn't seem too concerned but I am curious to know what everyone else thinks. What are the long-term implications of having elevated levels like mine, and if these levels are considered safe, what are the upper limits before shit gets real bad?
t0sspin May 21, 2021

Hey dude, I have PSSD and I am about to jump on a pretty big cycle to try address it as I’ve seen plenty of anecdotes of people getting permanent benefits. Don’t know if you saw my post in here on it. What has you experience been with TRT as far as how it’s impacted your issues?
LeonardoDiYolio May 21, 2021

hey man! Yeah, I was on 20mg Paroxetine (Paxil) for 6 months and felt great after 2-3 weeks, but when I stopped at month 6 I realized that I couldn't orgasm (anorgasma) and then started to have ED as well. I did A LOT of research and learned that Paxil increases Prolactin in the pituitary gland, which in effect raises sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG) that eats into free testosterone like nobody's business. I went to the doctor and discussed this with him and he wanted to confirm with blood tests so we did two sets of tests 30 days a part. The first time Prolactin and SHBG were high and Tes/Free Tes low but within range. He wouldn't treat it at the time, wanting to see if it comes down after being off the Paxil longer first. Second test, all results were within the "normal" range with Prolactin and SHBG still near the upper limit and Tes/Free Tes near the lower limit. He wouldn't treat me so I started researching homeopathic options to increase Testosterone and reduce Prolactin. I started taking 1,000mg Boron, 100mg DHEA, and 500mg Longjack. I started working out and getting suuuuper healthy and somewhat muscular for my small frame but still had lingering PSSD issues. Luckily I met someone who had a doctor who specialized in 'Human Optimization' and he referred me to him. We looked at my blood work and he put me on my current regimen and after 2 weeks I felt like superman. He also put me on 5mg tadalafil daily to offset any psychosomatic issues that may have been related to the ED. After about 4-6 weeks on TRT, I've never had any issues since. In fact, my libido has been livid. ​ Sorry for the long response, but I felt the need to share with you so perhaps you can also look into the other markers (Prolactin, SHBG) and discuss with your doctor. Also, before I started TRT, my bloodwork showed my Test was 905 but my Free Test was 19. The TRT has definitely helped me push up the Free Test - which is what matters. Otherwise high Test and low Free Test is like owning a Ferrari but not having any gas in it. Best of luck to you man!