I recovered

CalmAmygdala Apr 6, 2022

You don’t know what you’re talking about, stay in your lane. The PSSD community stays up to date with the latest in science. The consensus is ER/ARs become silenced when SSRIs are discontinued due to their interference with DNA methyltransferase activity. This “silences” receptors at the epigenetic level and the main receptors that become silenced In PSSD are ARs and ERs. Lithiums HDAC inhibition demthylates these receptors allowing them to fire again over time. Hormones upregulate the receptors (specific hormones at highly specific dosages). Look at the study you posted. See where it says “epigenetic gene expression theory” first in the list of possible causes? Yeah, that’s talking about ER/AR silencing. OP, try trest at 2.5 mg daily, that should be plenty for your purposes. Be careful with test dosage as too much estrogen will downregulate ER. You have to find the sweet spot (and it’s narrow) for PSSD recovery. You also need to be conservative on the trest dose. I recovered with lithium carbonate 600 mg, 100 mg cyp weekly, and 30 mg tren eod. But if I could do it over I would do trest instead of tren although I love what tren does to my body from a bodybuilding perspective