Feeling completely normalized and possibly even better

DutFarkedMe Jan 16, 2023

14-year severe PFS sufferer here chiming in to say that I finally took a leap of faith and decided to try out a small dose of Trestolone/MENT + Masteron on top of of my current (not very effective) TRT protocol. All I can say is wow, I’m two weeks in and this is a complete game changer! Feeling completely normalized and possibly even better feeling than my pre-PFS, 14-year younger self! I’m currently on a proper/modest weekly TRT dose (1mg/kg) + 5mg/day of MENT (acetate) + 300mg/wk of Mast E. About 3 days in could feel the awesomeness. However, about a week in my nipples started getting REALLY puffy (preexisting PFS-induced gyno), so I had to throw the Mast E in there to combat (as suspected)…now back to awesome! I’ve tried MAST before in order to experiment with larger doses of test (takes care of excess E2 symptoms because I can’t handle larger doses of test like a normal person and AI’s also fuck me up), but that didn’t even come close to the feeling of the MENT being in the mix. I had initially planned on doing 5mg ment/day for two weeks and then increasing it to 10mg/day with the hopes of overwhelming/resetting my ARs, but this shit is powerful AF and I don’t want to push the envelope (risk gyno) and have to increase the Mast. Anyway, so far I can say the Trest/Ment has been a HIGHLY effective treatment for my long-standing PFS. The good: feels much better/healthier than test. The bad: 1) feelings don’t equal facts, so I guess a big question mark there; 2) Ment acetate has short half-life, requires daily injection (hopefully I can get a hold of a longer ester in the future). So, if you’re like me and don’t respond very well (or at all) to testosterone, I wouldn’t write off all androgenic compounds… Disclaimer: None of this constitutes medical advice, and anabolic-androgenic steroids are far from idiot-proof!