How I predictably got rid of my PSSD - and how everyone else can too

Sweaty_Literature_69 Mar 27, 2023

Below is a paste of my trial of using Intramuscular estradiol alongside Testosterone and HCG. The theory behind this and answers to all your questions are written out in my discord server, alongside pictures and videos during the trial. The link to the server is in my original post - and only there. That is the only server following this theory, the rest are copycat scammers. The most likely solution to this is out and available, there is no reason for anyone to despair. Further trials are underway and I'm currently approaching the PSSD medical sector from various avenues. If you want to stay tuned and what all the haters are writing fan-fiction about, join the server and wait. --Trial: The protocol currently: 140mg Test-E / week 1000iu HCG / week. 2-5mg E2 benzoate / week. E2 dosage is adjusted daily. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20/02/23 Day 1: E2 Benzoate injection - 1mg. Afternoon. Effects: A significant spike in libido shortly after injection. Later subsides but leaves a smaller persistent increase. Feeling an increase in connection between mind and body in response to sexual stimulus. Genitals feeling less cold. Increased general sense of joy and pleasure from activities. Clearer brain and thoughts One persistently achy joint has stopped being painful within hours. Feeling somewhat warmer overall. Appetite slightly increased. Physical performance: Gym performance increased siginificantly only a few hours after injection. Pumps are stronger, cardiovascular performance significantly increased, it feels like breathing is more efficient. The achy joint is not causing me any pain during squats as it usually does. These effects led to a more intense and cardio-demanding workout. I normally hate squat sets of 20 reps, they didn't bother me so much this time. Strength also increased substantially, set a PR. Body feels fuller and more restful. Side effects None. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21/02/23 Day 2: E2 Benzoate - 1mg + Test-E 50mg + HCG 500iu. Afternoon. Effects Despite only 4 hours of sleep, energy levels are good and mind is not foggy. Severely positive dopaminergic effects. It feels as if dopamine is functioning better overall. As a result, barely taking any ADHD medication. Only used 5mg of amphetamine throughout the day, with regular dosage being is between 20 to 25mg. Inexplicably clear-headed considering the circumstances. Further increased sense of pleasure and joy. Increases in smell sensitivity. Further persistent, small increases in libido. Genital sensation is becoming "deeper" and more intricate. Anxiety and stress palpably reduced, not a depressive thought in sight. Overall mood improvements, mentally more stable and less prone to anger or irritation. Appetite slightly increased again. This is a good thing, I haven't had much of an appetite lately. Insomnia significantly alleviated. Sleep feels desireable and not just a necessity. No, being on 4 hours of sleep did not produce this in the past, it would still be difficult to fall asleep. Return of the "comfy warm feeling" in bed. Honestly haven't felt this one in a long time. 📷 Side Effects Minorly anxious after the three injections. Only lasted a minute or two. To be expected after three injections really. No other side effects. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22/02/23 Day 3: E2 Benzoate - around 0.5mg Was contemplating taking e2 or skipping today, decided to go for it after all as nothing but improvements thus far. Would have done 1mg but bad quality syringes have messed up my doses and decided to get rid of what's in them already until proper ones arrive. Effects: Sleep was very restful. Massive effects on pleasure from activities, joy and overall sensation of well-being continue to increase. A walk for some chores with headphones on is actually enjoyable and easy to undertake. Music is a lot more satisfying. Feeling motivated to get things done. Still not necessary to use my regular dose of amphetamines. This is honestly even better than my pre-pssd normal state. Anxiety and depressive thoughts remain effectively reduced. Social interactions feel easier. Effects on libido steadily snowballing. Connection of sexual stimulus between brain and body is heightened. A return of more passionate and lustful feelings. Flirting feels more interesting and less of a chore. The distinction between these sexual improvements and the ones felt during an androgen-dominant increase such as that caused by mesterolone only serves to further elucidate and substantiate the differentiation between sex drive and libido that I have proposed. With E2, it is not that I think more often of sexual thoughts, but that body and brain respond to sexual suggestions more intensely. Genital sensation keeps improving. Physical performance: Craziest pumps I've ever felt in my life. Strength, energy and cardiovascular ability remain elevated. Gym is more enjoyable overall, easier to spend time there. Body seems to respond more to training and androgens, but still early to tell. Side effects Zero. (Currently walking around with higher estrogen levels than any woman in existence. Give that a thought.) ---------------------- 23/02/23 Day 4: E2 Benzoate - 2mg + Test-E 50mg + HCG 500iu. Afternoon. Effects: Cognitive functioning continues to improve. Did not need to use any amphetamines at all for the majority of the day, until I decided to study. This is much more of a big deal than it appears. I had been taking take up to 7.5mg straight after waking up to be able to get through the day for a long-time, and would need this even before PSSD. At this point we're beyond-normal improvements in some things. Anxious and depressive thoughts remain long gone. Libido and sensitivity improvements are becoming more noticeable. A specific genital issue that was hard to identify and caused pain, which I had a tough time differentiating between lichen sclerosus, peyronie's or something else - is completely going away. I was uncertain whether this was related to my PSSD or not, but it appears to be after all related to the deprivation of estrogenic activity in the genitals and the overactivity of androgens, and possibly to restriction of blood flow in the local vessels. I can now be certain of that as it is disappearing entirely with estrogen therapy, had previously strongly improved with hops / oral e2 and hcg - whereas rapid or abrupt androgen increases such as those produced from mesterolone made it worse or brought it back. This issue is not to be confused genital numbness - Overall, sensation keeps improving and mind/ body sexual connection is becoming deeper. I've struggled with insomnia variably throughout my whole life as a byproduct of ADHD. PSSD made it much worse and also made sleeping restless. Restful sleep has returned since oral e2/hops/hcg - but insomnia was still around fairly often. I did not know whether that was just plain old ADHD or a PSSD leftover - but E2 injections are very quickly getting rid of it.📷6 Breathing is intensely easier and more efficient. It feels as if each breath just works three times as well as it did before. Catching my breath has become much easier and my stamina has improved massively. It's as if my brain and body are both better oxygenated. Physical performance: Everything mentioned thus far regarding physical performance persists increasingly. Setting PRs and training vigorously. Side effects Still none. -------------------- 24, 25/02/23 - Days 5 and 6: 24: E2 benzoate 1mg 25: E2 benzoate 2mg I will begin concatenating reports to save space and time as the majority of improvements have already been mentioned. Effects Since as mentioned most improvements have already capped, these last two days I have seen further improvements on the libido and sensation front.The fact that sensation keeps improving only served to further substantiate the claims around genital sensation and its relation to Estrogen Receptors. Other psychological and physical aspects have essentially fully recovered. There just isn't anything bothering me at the moment. SIde Effects I experienced a feeling of being on-edge and some insomnia yesterday evening. I doubt it's actually related to estrogen per se, and find it more likely to be the increased amount of hormones and mainly testosterone that is now to an extent significantly increased as the E2 injections have certainly been reducing aromatisation of T and binding more to SHBG, thus allowing for higher free concentration of androgens. That, or it could be the fact that I tried some vit b6 to see whether reducing prolactin might be beneficial here, considering the E2 injections are likely to have raised it. Either way, it was short-lived. Thoughts for moving forward Gauging how I'm currently feeling and my progress, I would say I am very close to not needing anymore E2. I will allow for one or two days off, and then likely go with a large dose of either 3 or 5mg which may be just enough to end this trial. After that, I will likely attempt a sharp increase in androgens with some mesterolone, just to restore the androgen-dominant environment. I am expecting that the combination of this increased libido / sensation alongside the restoration of sex-drive with the androgens will be the final step to feeling better than ever. This isn't necessary and over time as e2 drops that balance would arrive on its own. -------------- SIDE NOTE: For a week I've been walking around with E2 levels up to and over double, triple the highest limits of natural range for women. Natural premenopausal range for women (30-400pg/ml) Since my 5mg e2 injection yesterday, as you can see from the graph above, my levels have been over 1000pg/ml. Most likely in the 1200 to 1300pg/ml range, as I already had high levels of e2 circulating before the massive 5mg injection. You need to understand, these levels are INSANELY MASSIVE for men. For reference, my levels before supplementing were 48pg/ml, as you can see in my blood work in hormone-panels . You are unlikely to find any single documented case of any man receiving treatment or otherwise having such massive levels of estrogen. EVEN trans people use lower doses than this. One trans person in the server provides an example of that:
i take estradiol valerate, intramuscular, ventrogluteal or dorsogluteal site, 1.6mg twice a week. i took oral pills for the first couple years of transition or so. and yeah, my levels aren’t super high, but i should also say — i try to get my levels tested at trough, and they usually read at around 150-200
A trans person is sitting at 150-200 pg/ml whereas I am walking around with over 1000pg/ml right now and over 400pg/ml steadily for the past week. And what happened? Did I grow breasts? Have I turned gay? Have I turned into a woman? Has my body and genitals shrunk? Have I gone insane, depressed, anxious, lost my libido? Did my muscles disappear? No. Absolutely nothing happened. There have been NO side effects throughout this treatment. Even with the admittedly crazy 5mg injection, which any doc, men's clinic or Steroid forum would go batshit insane over. NOTHING HAPPENED. I only returned to normal. Improved in every single problematic domain, until there was no more room for improvement. Consider what that means. Really, consider it. ------------------------- 26/02 : 50mg test + 500iu hcg 27/02 : 4.5~mg e2 benzoate 28/02: 50mg test + 500iu and following days to now. This is going to be my final report. I am going to outline what happened during those days after the 5mg dose, how it’s been going since then, and what I have done since. The main effects of this final larger dose was that genital sensation and libido were further increased. Most of the cognitive and emotional improvements were already done. On those two days, I particularly noticed clear and sharper vision, my adhd meds working very well and increases in smell sensitivity. Performance at the gym is also getting better and better. Sides: Finally, on the evening of 28/02, i experienced mildly itchy chest. That was actually a good thing. I will explain how after a few things that need to be explained before you understand. For now, know it went away by 29/02 evening.📷2 Before going on: As many others have noted, I also used to experience a few side effects on the days of test injection. You could call them a minor reappearance of brain fog, worse mood, worse genital sensation and surprisingly even a drop in libido / sensitivity. Never “pssd regression”, just not feeling as great as on no-test-injection days. The further away I would be from a testosterone injection, the better I would feel. These differences were fairly minor, but important. This actually makes perfect sense with what the theory has been hypothesizing thus far. Both the side effects from androgen increase and the fact that e2 supplementation would chronically alleviate them. Both my own experience, the experience of others in the server have helped clarify the issue of androgens in our case. As stated in the pdf, it is unsure whether we have issues of too much or too little androgen activity, and it is likely - due to the importance of tissue-specific activity - that we have too little androgen activity in some places and too much in others. We still can’t be certain as to specifics and they may vary between individuals. I don’t want to elaborate too much here, so I’ll get to the point: Increasing androgens usually sucks for pssd patients. This happens because we already have too much androgenic activity in various areas of our bodies due to AR overexpression. The severe lack of E2 activity which balances out some of the androgenic properties does not help either. Furthermore, some androgen metabolites like 17b-diol have been shown to compete for, bind to and antagonise the Estrogen receptor. More androgens may mean even less e2 activity as a result. Most of these issues arise from DHT, not testosterone. The theory has from the start predicted that increasing E2 will fix these issues and balance out receptor activity, correcting for either overactivity or underactivity of androgens. I predicted this because E2 shows a wide regulatory profile across sex hormones, regulating not only its own activity, but also androgens and progesterone receptors. This is also the reason why I never bothered to find out the specifics of this issue, as in to what extent it’s individual dependent, to what extent it’s tissue-specific, and whether it only happens in some areas like the genitals where it has been actually demonstrated in literature. (PFS patients having 2x more ARs than healthy controls in penile tissue.) Whatever the specifics were, they were bound to be alleviated by e2 supplementation anyway. Indeed, Over the course of using E2, these lessened further and further - meaning testosterone shots would bother me less and less. The last 5mg shot had an even stronger effect in making this issue go away. As an example, a few weeks in the past - before using E2 injections - I tried 2 days of proviron (25mg / day), which causes sharp raises in DHT. The first day brought extreme sex-drive, but the second made me worse than I was before - essentially caused a mini crash. Of course, I stopped taking proviron and it went away the day after, but a mini crash nonetheless. 2 days after this last 5mg e2 injection on 29/02, i started taking proviron again. I took proviron continuously for 6 days without any issues whatsoever. This is great proof that indeed, E2 will regulate and correct androgen imbalances as well as its own, and that this effect remains after you have discontinued E2. Mind you, 7 days after the last e2 injection when i was 6 days in proviron, my e2 levels were essentially completely back to normal. On that front, I should explicitly state that I have had no regression whatsoever after stopping E2, on any of the improvements gained from the injections. —— Now to explain how the chest itchiness was a good sign. You may have already figured it out from the above info. It signifies a return to normal-male estrogen sensitivity. It is *not* normal to be able to inject such massive amounts of estrogen for days and have literally 0 side effects. Although it is true that E2 really won’t cause any crazy adverse events at all, healthy men **injecting** multiple mg of estradiol, and especially benzoate which causes such massive spikes, should definitely not be feeling amazing, better, all the while getting no side effects at all. E2 has its uses even outside of PSSD, but healthy men need to main an androgen-dominant environment to function properly as men. The fact that I was able to go that long without getting any side effects and only seeing improvements, was just further confirmation of our receptor dysregulation and estrogen resistance. The fact that this sensitivity is returning and the corrections remaining when my e2 levels are more normal, is further confirmation that this receptor dysregulation is being permanently alleviated. In other words, the fact that I finally experienced a mildly itchy chest, is the indication that my pssd is gone (or close to)- and confirmed by the rest of my experience. Is it going to be the sign for everyone? will others feel it even before pssd is gone? Remains to be seen. ------ Finally, a couple more noteworthy points of my E2 journey so far leading to today.So, picking it back up 7 days after the last 5mg E2 injection, and after 6 days of 25mg daily proviron: I’ve been feeling consistently great for the past 7 days. Cognitive, emotional and sexual function are all great. Mood and drive also.It’s scheduled test injection day, 06th of March -Monday. I’m feeling even better than usual. I notice that this “even better feeling” is just before my next test injection. This concerns me as it likely means that the test shot may take away some of that better-than-usual feeling, and that may then mean one or two things. Anyhow, I inject 65mg~ Test-E, a bit more than my typical 50mg due to accidentally pulling a bit more in the syringe. 400iu HCG , 25mg Proviron. As I thought, the better than usual feeling goes away. In fact my day is a bit foggier cognitively than what I’m used to post e2 shots. What does this mean? 1. I’m just too high on androgens, after 6 days of proviron alongside a bit higher than usual test dose. It’d be normal for anyone to feel this way. or 1. It’s a sign of some minor leftover PSSD dysregulation. ​ It could be either. Even normal people on TRT can feel like this on injection days, and what works to get rid of this is usually upping the frequency so as to inject lower amounts of T every time. However, I decide to assume it’s #2. By doing so, I can take advantage of this assumption to make some predictions and gain further realisations. By assuming it is a sign of PSSD-leftover receptor dysregulation, I can then outline what should happen if this is true. 1. Prediction #1: Injecting some more E2 should quickly alleviate the brain fog and other symptoms the test shot caused. 2. Prediction #2: Injecting some more E2 should further get rid of receptor dysregulation, thus making my next test shot not cause me to feel worse. 3. Prediction #3: If my e2 resistance has mostly gone away, it is likely that I will experience some chest itchiness again, despite injecting a lower E2 dose, as a side effect of acutely spiking my e2 activity. 4. Prediction #4: Injecting some more e2 should have a further lasting beneficial effect on my overall condition, by further eliminating whatever leftover dysregulation is taking place. **Predictions in place, I inject 2mg of E2.** 1. Brain fog and other sides induced by the T shot all go away within the first hour. 2. My next T shot, a day later, causes no side effects at all, and actually complements how i’ve been feeling by further increasing sex drive, confidence and overall motivation. 3. Indeed I get mildly itchy chest that evening and until afternoon the next day. 4. It has only been two days so it’s too early to validate or falsify prediction #4, but effects persist to this point in time. ————— As you can tell, I’ve failed to be wrong so far. Every step forward has been following the predictions of the theory very well. I often sit and contemplate how I’ve been feeling exactly as I used to before the whole ordeal, and there were far too many times back then when I thought I would never be the same. My own experience, as well as the reports of others which have begun coming in and will soon multiply, are shedding light as to how we should expect treatment to go, and further helping us understand the condition and connect the dots between our common points. As to myself, I won’t be making any further reports on this channel. At this point, I am consistently feeling so great that none of my ups and downs can be considered “PSSD”. More so just fluctuations in moods within healthy, natural limits. Music feels great again, afternoon peace and quiet is enjoyable again, activities offer dopamine, pleasure and relaxation. Interests are back. Depression and anxiety are gone, and stress only remains within reasonable day-to-day life levels. Libido and sex drive are consistently solidly back in place. Genital sensation and function is back to exactly how it was before the nightmare. Will I use anymore E2? Perhaps, perhaps not. If I do, it will certainly not be more than 1mg, and it will be more for experimentation and “making sure” than anything else. My estrogen resistance seems to be so gone at this point that even my last T shot (50mg), alongside my slightly-elevated leftover e2 levels from the 2mg shot the day before, momentarily brought back itchy chest. Funny that, when a few weeks ago I was injecting 2+ mg daily and not feeling any such thing. And no, people, 2 occasions of slightly itchy chest do not mean I got gyno. No such thing. You don’t need to accuse me of gyno every time you want another shirtless pic of me in front of a mirror - just ask. I don’t charge for onlyfans yet Lest I am somehow the magical exception and the only one who gets to so consistently and surely fix all his problems with Estradiol, I am extremely optimistic about this working for everyone. I hope, eventually, you all get to feel how I feel today. Godspeed, ladies and gentlemen.