i decided to try steroids. I haven't looked back since.

Bloatboat_89 Jun 1, 2023

Late to the party, but i can confirm that testosterone has drastically improved (perhaps cured) my PSSD symptoms. Trestolone went above and beyond in terms of libido. However, the libido increase with trestolone didn't last. I've been on self administered trt and cycling other steroids for 2 years now and I can say it's effects have been life changing. I would definitely recommend pregnenolone (10-50mg/day) and proviron (25-100mg/day) before other steroids as these two are pretty much non-suppresive on you HPTA and don't require injections. Run them for several weeks before you take any solid position on their efficacy. Side note: I was on prozac for about 1 year and had pssd for 4 years until trying steroids. My libido still existed, but it was maybe 25% as strong as before and my orgasms werel very weak and my johnson was equally insensitive. I had bloodwork to see if it was a hormonal issue, but my testosterone was slightly above range naturally and my doctor suggested wellbutrin, which had minimal positive effects. The gym helped with my mental health and after a few years i decided to try steroids. I haven't looked back since. Definitely try every single other avenue before steroids because there are a lot of risks that come with their use.
Classic-Bat3537 Aug 3, 2023

Can you comment more on benefits of trestolone? Did you run a PCT after that or cycle it again?
Bloatboat_89 Aug 3, 2023

Extremely suppressive. I went back to trt after trestolone. The gyno can be very problematic for some people so nolvadex and aromasin should be on hand if you were to use it.
Classic-Bat3537 Aug 3, 2023

Did you get permanent benefits after coming off? Do you feel fully recovered now? Are you on TRT for other reasons or do symptoms return if you stop TRT? If you could message me back I’d appreciated it.
Bloatboat_89 Aug 14, 2023

Coming off and doing pct, i would say some benefit. Your mileage may absolutely vary. Consider the other options I mentioned before self prescribed trt.