Libido came back after intramuscular testosterone

HoMcShmoe Dec 16, 2018

Hello guys Ive been suffering from diminished libido, erectional problems and genital numbness after taking high doses of the ssnri venlafaxine, that I laid off 5 years ago. Inspired by a post in this subreddit j ordered testosterone enanthate oil on a Darknet market and injected 250 ml intramuscularly 1 week ago. Since then my libido has been steadily improving, im really aroused again and the erectile problems vanished. I still have some numbness but its definitely better. I haven't had my blood works done so I will do that once the testosterone has worn off. Maybe I will try replacement therapy. For now I'm glad that something works.
HoMcShmoe Jan 6, 2019

Sorry guys, should have updated earlier. Injected myself one more time last shot was 2 1/2 weeks ago. Still have vivid sexual fantasies, great erections and penile sensitivity has been improving ever since the first dose. All symptoms I had been having the 5 Years since taking Venlafaxine have been alleviated. So far so really fucking good. I will have some bloodwork done this month and see what my testosterone, free testosterone and estrogen levels are. I will try to remember updating. If anybody is particularly interested and doesn't see me updating, please reply so I'll get a notification. Good luck to all of you!
capralpina Jan 11, 2019

Hi bro, just curious are you using any other substances like HCG to keep endogenous testosterone production up? I'm going to try this method soon but I'm worried my testosterone will be fucked up when I stop taking the injections.
HoMcShmoe Jan 12, 2019

Well I dont recommend doing it for a long time. If you want to try it, just do a small amount. 150-250 is normal for testosterone replacement. It worked for me, but know i still dont know what to do with that information. Im probably gonna get my bloodworks done soon. Sorry for the late answer.
Will301 Dec 17, 2018

Nice! Could you go into a little more detail into how much improvement you have felt?
HoMcShmoe Dec 17, 2018

I seldom felt aroused before the injection. It happened sometimes but only randomly. I did not respond to external stimuli. Although I still liked to look at hot women the connection between my mind and my genitalia seemed lost. Erections were hard to achieve. When I look at women now I feel that tingling im my body again also I feel more comfortable talking to them again. Without touching myself I can get an erection, also daytime fantasizing came back. It's still hard to climax. Still, my body has restored some sensibility. I feel that for now I can mostly function normally. The post I was referring to (how i fixed my pssd) suggested that there might be a connection between estrogen levels and pssd. The author of the post also took testosterone supplements to test his hypothesis and succeeded. If you're interested you should read his post.
Will301 Dec 17, 2018

Yeah I just read it and it definitely seems interesting. Hopefully you guys can follow up with more information
HoMcShmoe Dec 17, 2018

i will
Pubh12 Feb 16, 2018

Hows the numbness now compared to before you started? Could you feel pain if you pinched the skin before hand? I can pinch the skin on my penis as hard as I can and not really feel anything, maybe a bit if I dig my nail in. From what I've read online, testosterone shouldn't effect your ability to feel pain in your penis, so I'm worried.
HoMcShmoe Feb 17, 2018

I never experienced major numbness in the first place. I simply didn't feel any sexual stimulation when I was touching myself. This has improved. Maybe you are interested in the study below. If you haven't read about it already, that is. I whish you the best of luck.