I think I’m healed after six year nightmare

FuckedNoMore Apr 10, 2019

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FuckedNoMore Apr 10, 2019

I’ll add the pct I did. I don’t recommend anyone trying it without a doctor. But maybe some doctor is reading it and can use this to help someone I did the pct for four weeks exactly. I did the first day 300 mg clomid, then 100mg for the first two weeks, 50mg for the third week, and none for the forth week. Tamoxifen I did 20mg during the four weeks every day. Hcg I did 3000iu the first day then 250iu every other day for the four weeks I didn’t feel any improvement and felt worse during that period but after that period I healed which is very weird.
FuckedNoMore Apr 10, 2019

Seems my second message is lost somehow ? Anyway I said I would not suggest anyone does this himself. I’m writing this in case there is a doctor here that can use this information. As I mentioned the first thing I did was to build muscles with testosterone and then I did pct. Pct was four weeks First day 300 mg clomid. Then 100 mg for the rest of the first two weeks, 50mg on the third week, and no clomid on last week. 20mg tamoxifen daily for the four weeks 3000iu hcg the first day of the four weeks and then about 250-300iu every othe day for the four weeks. I felt like shit all that period. I healed only a week after this period which is very strange. Maybe some doctor can use my experience in trying to help others.
FuckedNoMore Apr 10, 2019

Also I should mention I am healed but for some reason caffeine and alcohol can still fuck me up when I touch them. So why is that? I can live without caffeine and alcohol though. Finally I have erections and libido and my motivation back. I feel I lost six years of life. But I will need to deal with this psychologically.
Jaime Apr 10, 2019

Congrats on the recovery, man! I hope it lasts forever. My only question is regarding the PCT. you took 300 mg of clomid?! That is so much. I took 12.5 eod and that alone made me want to cry and go watch The Notebook. What kind of side effects did you have on that?
FuckedNoMore Apr 10, 2019

I took 300mg only on the first day of the pct. I was afraid of side effects. But mostly I was tired and think I had some blurry vision. Maybe the hcg would balance it? again, I don’t recommend anyone does anything without a doctor. We were fucked up so badly, don’t fuck yourself up more.

Lostinaustin Apr 10, 2019

Did you experience dull or pleasureless orgasms? And you said genital sensitivity improved?
FuckedNoMore Apr 10, 2019

Yea. The whole feeling changed to what I guess is normal now. It feels so much more sensitive now than before. Also it’s much more enjoyable

trav Apr 10, 2019

I’ve been wanting to take the plunge with HCG for a couple weeks now. My symptoms have improved dramatically over the past nearly two years, but I am definitely not “cured.” I spoke with Dr. Bruhin in San Diego(who has PFS btw) and he said that besides time, HCG was the by far the most beneficial thing he has done. I’m just terrified of making myself worse off.
FuckedNoMore Apr 10, 2019

I tried hcg alone in 2014. It had a little effect on me but it passed after that. I read an article about bodybuilders who fuck up their hormones and it said you need hcg together with seems to keep results. I.e. ad very little though. Most of what I did was just based on what a friend who is a bodybuilder told me to do and I followed blindly while having my doctor keep tabs on my health. Fortunately I also managed to get the medications I needed from my doctors as they knew how fucked your my body was and I basically begged them and kept asking.
FuckedNoMore Apr 10, 2019

I meant hcg together with SERMS

FuckedNoMore Apr 11, 2019

Before prophecia I drank a decent amount of coffee and never had erection issues. So personally I can’t say this sensitivity was there before. Alcohol I’m not sure. I drink so little and so rarely it is hard to know the effect. Coffee I used to drink twice daily. As for me not having post finasteride syndrome, I doubt it. I’m pretty sure it was it. As i had no issues before and all my system collapsed two weeks into prophecia and I’ve been a zombie for six years with zero libido and zero motivation. I tried many things, like testosterone replacement and hcg alone and so on and nothing worked for six years. Not to mention iodine, tribulus, many vitamins and things I read about in this forum. Only when I did the threee months with test and muscle building plus the pct did I heal and only after! While I was doing it I didn’t see any effect which is weird. I almost stopped the pct, and I’m glad I did not (it does make you feel like shit). That I think is a weird thing. I though that all this is not working and gave up completely and a few days after I was done with pct I started getting strong erections and the feeling of the penis changed and it started growing. I should mention I tried clomid alone for two weeks a year ago and I had no success with it alone. I would guess it is a combination of changing my body composition and the three medications together. I am not here to argue though as to what I had. I’m here to give my story and each person can decide for himself if he is in a similar situation or not. I came back to let people know about my experience as I think it is the responsibility of someone who heals from a nightmare like this. If I help one person coming back here was worth it. Again, my hope is that a serious doctor sees this and can responsibly use this to help find a cure even if it only works for part of the sufferers, wouldn’t it be worth i still? I had all the symptoms of pfs and it started just after taking prophecia. I don’t care if you say it wasn’t pfs, pfs is not a known issue, maybe there are seVeral causes, and there are people here who have the same cause I did. i don’t understand what is the biological cause to this day. I suspect it is receptors. Because that’s what pct is supposed to fix and that is what breaks with body builders. I have no clue though. I’m a simple guy whose life was fucked and somehow was lucky to get out of it. I know the pain of suffering so I am not here to argue with anyone, there is a big emotional component that comes with this disease. Could it be that the muscle building before the pct is part of the answer? I gained a lot of muscle when’s I took test and I worked out and ate a lot. could that have made me more likely to heal from pct? That’s the question for a doctor if he reads this. Anyway I think I said all I have to say. I may connect again if you have other questions but I don’t think I have much to add to my story.
orthogs Apr 11, 2019

moonman1 Apr 11, 2019

While bloodwork can and lab tests often show numerous endocrine imbalances (often including low LH/FSH), conventional treatment and therapies to correct them meets with little success in addressing the symptoms of the Post-Finasteride Syndrome.
I’ve read at least ten accounts on this forum and others where people have experienced significant benefit from undertaking TRT.