Cured after 11 years

pal Mar 20, 2020

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Took finasteride for 5 months. I felt fine while taking it but it gave me gyno so I stopped. After stopping, I got ED, extreme fatigue, brain fog, no libido and lethargy. I tried just about everything over 11 years. I also tried testosterone treatment but it had almost no effect regardless of dosage. I read a case study by Neurologist David Clark (link) where someone had similar symptoms but there was no mention of finasteride or PFS. His issue wasn’t the hormones being too low but rather too high which caused receptor issues so they decided to down regulate them. My take on PFS is that the receptors become hyper sensitive due to getting so little DHT for a long period of time. So when things compensate or go back to normal, they are too sensitive and you end up in a miserable state. I decided to test that by supplementing DHT (proviron) and despite it being a general feel-good hormone for most, I felt absolutely dreadful when taking it. My symptoms increased by 10x and I couldn’t function but it made me realize I was on to something. I felt like my options were either to permanently decrease DHT in some way or decrease the sensitivity of the receptors. The receptors likely became hyper sensitive by getting so little DHT for a prolonged period of time while taking finasteride. So I tried the opposite to reverse the situation. I took a large amount of DHT (proviron) for 7 weeks at 200 mg per day to reduce receptor sensitivity to DHT. At first, I felt absolutely miserable when doing so, it is the worst I’ve felt in my life and I was unable to do almost anything but after some weeks it became more tolerable as the receptors lost some of their sensitivity. After stopping 7 weeks later (when I ran out of my proviron), things felt off for a few weeks but then after around two months I got back to my pre-PFS state. Now and for the past six months, I feel great, my libido is great, mental issues are gone, ED is gone. This after having PFS constantly for 11 years. My life is finally back. I know people have strong opinions regarding PFS but I thought I’d post my story as perhaps it may give some insight to some or help someone.