A positive update

mrstaircase Mar 23, 2020

I've been wanting to post this update since the forums went down. Glad it came back up. Keeping this update short but detailed to keep keep it clear. After my previous trials with berberine I've been doing 3 attempts to restart my HPTA for the previous 9 months. I had been running 2 weeks of clomid 25mg a day followed by a week of nolvadex 50mg a day. Followed by a month of pause. The third time I attempted doing this something stuck and I experienced a 2 week period of hyperandrogenism, followed by what I perceive as a stabilized androgen state. This state has improved all my sexual functions to an extreme and has stabilized my mood. As of now my only remaining symptoms are a diminished response to emotions (either high or low). I would actually say that objectively I'm now in a state that's better than my pre-pssd state. But I'm also aware it's not 'correct' because a damper on my emotions is not natural. Subjectively I'm on the way to being cured and I praise myself very lucky to be where I am, and I believe I'm not far away from complete recovery. Apologies for the formal reporting, I figured just stating the facts would keep it as clean as possible. I'm happy to answer all your questions but be sure to read my posts before you do so.

mrstaircase Mar 25, 2020

If you read my previous posts It’ll give you the why and how. In short I suspected androgen insensitivity wich I wanted to treat by raising SHBG to bind to DHT, thereby forcing a surge in DHT upon cessation. Assumptions were right but the effect did not stick untill the third attempt. I will not be doing another cycle because normal androgen function is restored. This is apparant by increased beard growth, oily skin, body odor and return of libido and sperm volume. In other words, pre pssd level of functioning. It’s been stable now for 2.5 months. The previous 2 attempts the results were stable for 2 weeks before returning to a faulty androgen state. I suspect that full emotions will restore by itself now that androgen function is in place to ensure neurosteroid production.
Jaxx Mar 28, 2020

thanks for the update! Just to make sure people get the full story: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=202

DrugsAreBad Aug 1, 2020

mrstaircase How come you took both clomid and nolvadex? I don't understand the reason for the combination. Thanks

mrstaircase Jul 31, 2020

Sorry for the lack of updates, I barely think of this site anymore sadly. Still cured and living my life to the fullest. My memory and emotions went to shit while having pssd so it feels like I skipped through time from the moment I took an ssri 3 years ago till now. Hope everyone can have a recovery like I did
mrstaircase Aug 5, 2020

DrugsAreBad Aug 1, 2020

mrstaircase How come you took both clomid and nolvadex? I don't understand the reason for the combination. Thanks
I started to get massive estrogen issues on clomid so I decided to take nolvadex afterwards.