A few months ago, I trialed doing a test e cycle to fix my pssd. It worked.

0x211 Dec 7, 2021

GushKaka Dec 8, 2021

What was your PCT protocol? If you're writing a cure story make it a bit more detailed
0x211 Dec 8, 2021

50mg clomid 20mg nolva for 2.5weeks. Hcg taken 1000 iu every other day for 4 total days then 500 iu till 10000 total iu achieved.
SoggyForest Dec 7, 2021

I wonder if the PCT alone would have been enough, some people have luck using things like clomid/nolva/etc as an alternative to TRT. How long has it been since your PCT? And how long did you run clomid and nolva for?
0x211 Dec 7, 2021

I’m not sure and I don’t think so. It’s a lot of personal experience threads I researched. Definitely nothing official but I was desperate. Based off what I read you need some sort of “reboot”. Which is why shutting down your test and hormones then rebooting has worked anecdotally of course.
faf112 Dec 8, 2021

I'm trying clomid now, 50MG eod, definitely boosts test, but not really Helping with PSSD.
0x211 Dec 8, 2021

Based of my experience and others, you need to “reboot” your system. Not just take clomid. That seems to be the very anecdotal evidence from this.
faf112 Dec 9, 2021

So crash your natural T and the start PCT, hmm
ShabaRanks44 Mar 31, 2023

You still feel back to normal?
0x211 Mar 31, 2023

Yes, I’ve had 3 cycles since then and feel completely fine.
ShabaRanks44 Mar 31, 2023

Damn I need to try a cycle I’m on 150 mg of test but don’t feel much better maybe I need to nuke myself with androgens first then cruise on a normal trt dose?
0x211 Apr 8, 2023

150 is not much. Did you get your bloods done running 150?
dartanianian Apr 10, 2023

Hey man, I just started with 200 mg enanthate, 1000 IU hcg per week and proviron 25 mg/day. How long did it take to start feeling better regarding ed , libido and mood ?
0x211 Apr 10, 2023

3 months id say
-lalor- Dec 7, 2021

Could you elaborate about what this is? Thank you :) And (edit) more details about yourself like what SSRIs you were on etc
0x211 Dec 7, 2021

Sure, Test e is testosterone ethanate. It’s generally used only for men. I inject it into my delts twice a week via a needle with the dosages I mentioned. The weekly dosage totalling 500, so 250 each pin. The test e shuts down your natural test production and your fertility and some other hormones. After my cycle is complete, I waited 3 weeks for the test e to leave my body. And then I started pct post cycle therapy to kick start my hormones and natural production again. I’m not sure why it is so effective but i feel better than before I even started zoloft. Feels weird suddenly having sensitivity and morningg wood again. It is very important you stay on top of blood work constantly as test e even though considered safe and a beginner cycle can have very severe side effects.
Successful_Box_1007 Dec 7, 2021

Thanks for the update. What dosage and for how long were you on Zoloft?
0x211 Dec 7, 2021

50mg bumped to 100 half way through. For over 12 months. I don’t remember exact timeline but it was 12 months possibly up to 14
Successful_Box_1007 Dec 7, 2021

Did you have a doctor monitoring your total and free T? If so, could you share what it was during the trial?
0x211 Dec 7, 2021

He wasn’t monitoring per say but I was getting regular checkups every 4 weeks. One thing I did have prior was elevated prolactin levels post ssri
Successful_Box_1007 Dec 7, 2021

Oh so you never actually had your test measured?
0x211 Dec 7, 2021

Sorry yes I did, it was around 600 off the top of my head. Everything was “healthy” levels
Successful_Box_1007 Dec 7, 2021

One last question: could you describe the positive effects while on testosterone? Or are you saying you didn’t get libido recovering until 3 weeks after you stopped?
0x211 Dec 7, 2021

That’s the weird thing, everyone mentioned the massive sex drive that comes along it but for me it was barely noticeable. It was definitely an improvement but not much. Pct changed everything though. After pct I was back to normal, actually I felt the effects 1 week into pct
Successful_Box_1007 Dec 7, 2021

So weird. Is it possible that a “PCT” cycle alone could do the trick? If so, I wonder what within the “PCT” stack is the real “resetting” agent. You said you have perused a bunch of literature I believe, on PSSD - any ideas come to mind?
0x211 Dec 7, 2021

Based of what I read, and even experienced I think the “shutdown” and “reboot” was the trick. I can’t say anything based on pct alone. It may even be a little dangerous if taken while your hormones and test is at a normal level.
zerohero02 Dec 8, 2021

How did you come up with this idea?
0x211 Dec 8, 2021

I didnt, I read online and other peoples stories doing similar things and yelling results. I was pretty desperate so I gave it a go.
Perfect_Ad1074 Dec 8, 2021

Did you do this under guidance of a doctor? If so who was your doctor? If I tried something like this I'd want to do it with medical supervision.
0x211 Dec 8, 2021

No guidance, I had very experienced bodybuilders guide me and did get all necessary blood work done prior, during and currently waiting another week or two to get my post cycle bloods done. But I really even “feel” alive again. I don’t have that numb feeling when I was off Zoloft. Where everything looked and felt grey. It’s hard to describe. But I can “feel” again.
dartanianian Dec 7, 2021

Great man really happy for you ! I have some questions. First of all my current issues are severe Ed and zero libido . Did you also have severe Ed and low libido and did this help you recover ?
0x211 Dec 8, 2021

Yes had bad ED, almost non existent libido. I went from a typical teenager libido to a grandpa. This helped bring it back to what “normal” used to be for me
relevantfighter Dec 7, 2021

Years ago when going from doc to doc and ended up with a neurologist who did test my T levels and said they were fine. How were yours before you did this?
0x211 Dec 8, 2021

My test levels were totally fine. I had a slightly elevated prolactin level but everything else was in check.
deadborn Dec 8, 2021

How long did you have pssd before doing this treatment?
0x211 Dec 8, 2021

Over 8 months
AnxietyNauseaMyEnemy Dec 8, 2021

Happy to hear, that you are fine now. :-) What were your PSSD symptoms? Do you think the cure is permanent? When did you finish pct?
0x211 Dec 8, 2021

Typical, depressed, no joy in things that used to make me happy or excited, obviously ed, loss of sensitivity. I finished pct about 2 weeks ago. I hope it’s permanent. I will update this sub in a few months properly if it’s still working.
True-Leopard-1456 Dec 8, 2021

I tested testosterone and it gave me windows, I hope to try again with supra physiological doses. It's very strange that you get better with post-cycle therapy, as it only serves to boost your natural testosterone production. For those who don't know post-cycle therapy is used after cycles with high doses of testosterone, you need to do tpc because when you give high doses of testosterone to your body, your body stops naturally producing testosterone. So with tpc you stimulate your body to produce again. However, I find it very strange that the improvement has been given to post-cycle therapy, since natural testosterone stimulators are extremely weak compared to injectable testo doses. I believe that something has returned to work due to the very high amount of testo in your body and brain. I've already tested clomid last year, to be honest it was the first thing I did when I discovered pssd, I had windows with testosterone too, after a few weeks I started to feel libido coming back, it came and went a few times a day. However, I stopped the treatment on the advice of my doctor. I will test testo at high doses in the future.
0x211 Dec 8, 2021

While I was on test e, things improved but they were not great. It only became “normal” once I got off, gave myself a 3 weeks break (which in hindsight should have been closer to 5) and then hit pct. Even during pct I felt better than ever.
DutFarkedMe Jan 6, 2022

Let me chime in and add some clarity to this guy’s experience/recovery. I’ve suffered from PFS for 11 years, which is in the same symptom category as PSSD and PAS. I too will soon be experimenting with a similar recovery attempt. Based on the current prevailing theory, SSRI’s, Accutane, and 5-AR inhibitors like Fin/Dut all disrupt the sensitivity of our androgen receptors at the epigenetic level. The resulting condition can be extremely persistent. However, there are many anecdotes out there like this of high doses of androgens curing people. I do not think it’s the reboot itself that cures this condition…there are tons of guys with PFS, etc. like me who begin TRT doses of testosterone and get very little or no relief. The problem: not enough androgens to “reset” the receptors. These dysfunctional ARs must be “overwhelmed” with androgens in order to reset their sensitivity levels back to normal. So, most guys cannot simply go on TRT doses and then clomid and expect a full recovery. It seems to require BB doses of T and/or DHT compounds to combat this…and it may take more than one of these steroid cycles to fully recover. This type of protocol is obviously not without risk. Whoever tries this needs to be extremely careful/informed about how to conduct such cycles in the safest way possible.
citalopramtookmylife Dec 8, 2021

did you took an aromatase inhibitor? and please share your hcg regime too. thx
0x211 Dec 8, 2021

I didn’t have to. I did get sensitive nipples but took 12.5mg ai once or twice during the whole course. I posted the hcg regime above
JuliusCaesar45 Dec 8, 2021

Your testo levels were normal? My testo is high right now, i not have sure if this could help
0x211 Dec 8, 2021

They were normal yes.
Perfect_Ad1074 Dec 8, 2021

Would it be possible for you to write up in detail how you did this, what doctor you were able to work with, and keep us updated if the progress is permanent (I really hope so for your sake and ours) even after you finish PCT. A lot of people leave after they treat their PSSD but I'd really like to know. How long did you have PSSD for? I've had it for 14 years (since 2007) when I took Effexor and then Zoloft for about 1.5 years total. I kind of gave up for a while but have seen multiple reports from different redditors of TRT + PCT resetting their system. This is kind of what we are all hoping for. Is there any doctor who would want to do a research report on this? I know there is a medical student who writes in these forums sometime. It might be good to get a clinical trial setup for PSSD for such a treatment cycle since it seems to have worked for multiple people.
0x211 Dec 8, 2021

I didn’t work with a doctor, I was lucky enough to have “contacts” in the bodybuilding industry that could source pharmacy grade test and pct. Be very very careful you don’t get homelab made test as they aren’t dosed correct and can do some serious damage. You can go to a performance clinic, they can help and prescribe test, hgh, really anything. They don’t judge like your typical gp’s. I was on Zoloft for almost 13 months and it fucked me for 8 months. I said fuck this went on test and after pct I’m back to normal. During test I did not feel that much better mind you, but I did stick with it. And followed it strictly to the t
Perfect_Ad1074 Dec 10, 2021

0x211 Dec 8, 2021

armacy grade test and pct. Be very very careful you don’t get homelab made test as they aren’t dosed correct and can do some serious damage. You can go to a performance clinic, they can
This is good to know. This route makes me nervous as I don't really body build and have no contacts there, but I've seen two reports now of complete recovery trying what you did. The other one I think the guy had PSSD for 5 years. I've had it for 14, so I gave up for a long time, but such reports are encouraging. I'm glad you recovered and don't have to suffer for years like some of us.
0x211 Dec 10, 2021

If it makes you feel better, we were in lockdown in Australia for 2 years straight with a few months freedom here and there. Most of my cycle wasn’t me training at all. Just being lazy at home. If it’s been 14 years it’s time to reclaim this shit back, I had it for 8ish months and was so pissed off I said fuck if whatever I need to fix this shit. Luckily it worked for me. I hope you can fix it to under guidance
JuliusCaesar47 Dec 7, 2021

Glad to hear that, how you discover this combo?
0x211 Dec 8, 2021

Reading around, it was all anecdotal evidence. I did have the resources and connections so I decided to give it a go.
Unable_Tradition_398 Dec 13, 2021

Did you have any side effects? Did your testicles shrink?
0x211 Dec 13, 2021

I did get hairier on my back shoulders and traps, but I was already hairy. I did also have heightened emotions especially anger but that is a personal issue that I dealt with within the first few weeks. I couldn’t see shrinkage to be honest which concerned me about it even working but some people just don’t shrink. Especially with a “starter” cycle with just test.